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This site is mainly the result of a small group of woodturners from Scotland and the North of England who decided not to be beaten by viruses and lockdowns or whatever else might be thrown at us. We hold a Zoom meeting on Monday evenings (7pm UK time) to catch up, share information and generally discuss the addiction that is Woodturning, the meetings last an hour. Any woodturner is welcome, from any club or location.

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Interactive Remote Demonstrations

This site also features a calendar of Interactive Remote Demonstrations, you don't need to be a member of the group to see the calendar and you don't need to be a member of the group to post events so if you are a demonstrator then let us know what you have coming up, it only takes a minute or two and you never know you might sell a few tickets to your event!! 

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Interactive Remote Demontrations Coming Up

  • Who: Pat Carroll

    Title: Make a cauldron

    Pat Carroll: Woodturning


    This IRD will demonstrate how I create a cauldron. This demonstration will show turning techniques, design and asthetics of a cauldron. 

    Sign Up:

    Date/Time: January 16th 2022, 7pm Dublin

  • Who: Chris Parker

    Title: Off Centre New Axis

    Chris Parker: Woodturning


    In this demo I will show you how I make a off centre chuck and will demonstrate how I use it to create a off centre piece & put a new axis on the piece.

    Sign Up:

    Date/Time: January 22nd 2022, 2pm Eastern Time

  • Who: AAW Presents: Mark Sfirri

    Title: AAW Presents: Mark Sfirri Design Approaches for Woodturning

    Mark Sfirri: Woodturning


    Join us online for an intriguing presentation by Mark Sfirri, who will explore woodturning design and offer suggestions to expand the scope of your work and make it more reflective of your own personality and interests. (This is an informative and inspiring presentation and not a demonstration.)

    In his own work, Mark uses a wide variety of techniques, including multi-axis turning, carving, and surface design, to create the components he incorporates into furniture, as well as the stand-alone objects he turns.

    In this presentation, Mark will discuss the inspirations for his designs and the importance of changing directions, as well as the work and influences of other makers. He’ll share stories about collaborations and the lessons he learned from those experiences. Key takeaways from this session include:

    Ability to think more creatively about the objects that you want to make.
    Understand methods to research and educate yourself about design.
    Know ways to use turning for personal expression.

    (This is an informative and inspiring presentation and not a woodturning demonstration.)

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    Date/Time: January 22nd 2022, 3pm Eastern Time

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