Remote Demonstrations Coming Up!

  • Jun 19

    Who: Keith Gotschall

    Title: Manhole cover box with pop up lid

    Keith Gotschall: Woodturning


    Join us online for an energizing session with the incomparable Keith Gotschall, who will show you how to turn a square box with a pop-up lid. The lid embellishment will feature fascinating textures and patterns inspired by manhole covers!

    This session will be as much about inspiration as it will be about making a box! You’ll learn about:

    -- Steps for turning inspiration into a defined project.
    -- Techniques for creating a square box and a pop-up lid.
    -- Methods of decoration and embellishment.

    This presentation is the ultimate learning companion to the feature article in the June 2021 issue of American Woodturner.

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    Date/Time: June 19th 2021, 3pm Eastern Time

  • Jun 22

    Who: Barbara Dill

    Title: Twisted Arc Candleholder

    Barbara Dill: Woodturning


    This project oriented demo is of a twisted arc type candleholder. I’ll briefly go over the concepts of multi axis spindle turning and then show a video of the process of creating this candle holder. There will be time for questions as well or discussion.

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    Date/Time: June 22nd 2021, 7pm Eastern Time

  • Jun 23

    Who: Cindy Drozda

    Title: Learn to turn boxes Session 2

    Cindy Drozda Turning Boxes


    Second of 4 lessons to teach you the fundamentals of boxmaking. Perfect for beginning Box Makers! You will learn Box Planning, Jam Chucks, Lid Fits, and Finishing options. Includes a follow up session between lessons. Lidded Umeke is the easiest, most forgiving, type of box to make. We start with the basics, including preparing the blank, making the cuts, and sharpening the tools used. Tool requirement is minimal. Learn how to advance your skills by adding features to customize your boxes.

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    Date/Time: June 23rd 2021, 1pm Eastern Time

  • Jun 29

    Who: John Vaeth

    Title: Photographing Woodturning

    Vaeth: Photographing Woodturning


    Want to learn how to photograph your woodturnings? Whether applying for exhibitions, grants, promoting yourself via your website or social media, or just trying to keep a portfolio of your work, good photography is important. As a photographer for Kodak, John has a lot of information to share.

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    Date/Time: June 29th 2021, 7pm Eastern Time