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We provide a free to attend weekly meeting, a free weekly newsletter, free calendar of events and other information.

To join in with the free service all you need to do is to sign up for the newsletter by clicking here and filling in the form to subscribe to the newsletter...did we mention it's free!

We also organise IRD's on a periodic basis these events are not free but we do sell tickets via this website, when we organise these events it is important to note that all proceeds from ticket sales go to the demonstrator (less transaction fees).

Obviously doing all of this takes time and there are bills to pay, we have been asked to provide a way to help out by many of you. So, if you would like to support Turning North then please consider taking out a subscription to our service. 

We offer additional features to those who subscribe to our service, initially this will be simply access to a recording of each weeks session but we plan to add in more interactive services for those who subscribe.

In the past we have also offered give aways in the sessions on a regular basis (normally IRD tickets), in future these will be only made available to those who subscribe.


This subscription is a monthly renewable one, you will be sent three emails to remind you to renew your subscription leading up to the end of the month. 

Please note subscription is NOT MANDATORY and attendance at meetings DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PAYMENT.

Duration: 1 Month
Price: £5.00