Well the turkey and trimmings having been consumed we were able to hold a post Christmas session, the festive spirit did sneak in to the meeting ....despite my Grinch like efforts to keep it out. Several of our number had gotten new toys essential tools for Christmas, some photos were sent of the new equipment and in one case I think Santa must have enlisted some help getting it down the chimney.

Dave Blanden: Woodturning

Dave Blanden showed us all some groups of hollow forms he had been making as gifts for family and friends. The forms have been coloured and carved, they are grouped by shape to make interesting collections.


David Gordon: WoodturningDavid Gordon sent over a photo of the nice new toy that he unwrapped on Christmas Day, apparently his son bought it for him....personally if either of my kids bought me something like that I'd be worried!! Apparently Santa delivered more than one of these handy things as Martin Stacey also had one to unwrap on Christmas Day.


Kevin McAlister: Woodturning

Kevin McAlister has put us all to shame, he managed to escape to the workshop and gave us the photographic evidence to prove it...please note that this time there is not a trace of sticky stuff !!! It's a Christmas miracle!! 


Margaret Garrard: Woodturning

Margaret Garrard sent over a photo of one of her Christmas tree decorations, several more photos were "lost in the post" so we can look forward to those next time....not sure if that will be after twelfth night or not?? 


Kevin McAlister: Woodturning

Stephen Mellor must sleep really soundly as Santa and his helpers must have made a heck of a racket getting this one down the chimney! Stephen sent over a photo of his shiny new Record Power Envoy lathe....so we can look forward to loads of photos of all the lovely things he's going to be making in future....see what I did there!! 


 As always we had several contributions from others but the session was not recorded so I don't have screen shots....if you showed something then please do send over some photos.

The big events of the evening were, of course, the give away prizes !!

The winners on the evening were:

  • Elm Blank: Dave Blanden
  • Phil Irons Caddy Spoon: Martin Stacey
  • Phil Irons Caddy Spoon: Kevin McAlister
  • Helen Bailey Mug: Allan Joicey
  • Andrew Hall Bow Tie (Durham Cathedral Oak): Andrew Maxwell
  • Andrew Hall Bow Tie (Durham Cathedral Oak): Denis Skimming

A big thank you goes to those who donated the prizes - much appreciated folks!!

Photos are below, as usual click on the little image to see a bigger version:

Woodturning: Dave Blanden
Woodturning: Dave Blanden (2)
Woodturning: David Gordon
Woodturning: Kevin McAlister
Woodturning: Kevin McAlister (2)
Woodturning: Kevin McAlister (3)
Woodturning: Kevin McAlister (4)
Woodturning: Kevin McAlister (5)
Woodturning: Margaret Garrard
Woodturning: Stephen Mellor