Another week and more fantastic work along with the return of an old friend, welcome back Bill Mooney!! We had a couple of new faces (hope we didn't scare them off) and one of our number revealed his inner train spotter. Anyway on with the report.

Andrew Hall: Woodturning

Andrew Hall has been out in the workshop after celebrating his birthday (not his 147th as some one suggested in his recent demo!!). Instead of his usual round of filming and editing he's found a little time in his "Hollywood schedule" for a bit of turning!! A gift for an old friend from some bits of burr, very nice. 


Bill Mooney: Woodturning

Bill Mooney sent in some photos of a few apprentice pieces, wooden puzzles. Bill was kind enough to reveal the secret behind some of the puzzles, apparently you can disassemble and re-assemble them without using a saw and super glue...who would have thought it??


Graham Brooks: Woodturning

Graham Brooks has been very busy having seen Pat Carroll demonstrate the making of a bowl with legs Graham decided to take things just that little bit further and combine what he had seen in Pat's demo with some other ideas. The result is this lovely piece, apparently it caused a lot of interest on social surprise in that at all!!


Ken Bryden: Woodturning

Ken Bryden went along to see some Australian bloke making hollow forms (part one of a two part demo) and then went out to make one of his own. Apparently the demonstrator (who shall remain nameless - really tall Aussie bloke) didn't make it clear that the hollow form shouldn't be sanded and needed the spigot left on so Kenny could use in the second part of the demo.....a lively discussion followed.


Martin Stacey: WoodturningMartin Stacey has been out spending money on new toys! Martin is now the proud owner of a scroll saw and a planer/thicknesser, he is now getting to grips with both new machines so we can look forward to more interesting pieces from Martin in the not too distant future.


Patrick Lindsay: WoodturningPatrick Lindsay sent over some photos of the reason he has been turning loads of eggs for a charity, the roof of Hexham abbey is in need of serious amounts of work, in fact judging from the photos just erecting the scaffold must have been a major task. Patrick also sent over a photo of a fumed Oak hollow form with beads cut into the outside and a black wood finial.


Phil Irons: WoodturningPhil Irons sent over some photos of an urn he has been turning as a commission piece. The urn had to look like the boiler of a steam locomotive in British Rail Green with gold pinstripes and a high gloss finish. The "door" of the boiler also has the locomotive number on it. Phil also showed us the real thing, very very shiny!!


As always we had several contributions from others but the session is not recorded so I don't have screen shots....if you showed something then please do send over some photos, you can do it from your mobile phone.... it's not that hard, just ask a teenager for help!!

Don't forget you can find the previous Monday Session Reports on the website just click here. You can also look at the images for each week by clicking here and look at the images for each contributor by clicking here.

Once again thanks to all of you for making these evenings such a success, if nobody contributed then none of these evenings could happen. Keep on making and, most important of all,  keep on sharing!

Photos are below, as usual click on the little image to see a bigger version:

Bill Mooney: Woodturning
Bill Mooney: Woodturning
Bill Mooney: Woodturning
Andrew Hall Woodturning
Andrew Hall Woodturning (2)
Andrew Hall Woodturning (3)
Andrew Hall Woodturning (4)
Graham Brooks: Woodturning
Graham Brooks: Woodturning (2)
Graham Brooks: Woodturning (3)
Graham Brooks: Woodturning (4)
Ken Bryden: Woodturning
Ken Bryden: Woodturning (2)
Ken Bryden: Woodturning (3)
Ken Bryden: Woodturning (4)
Martin Stacey: Woodturning
Martin Stacey: Woodturning (2)
Patrick Lindsay: Woodturning
Patrick Lindsay: Woodturning (2)
Patrick Lindsay: Woodturning (3)
Phil Irons: Woodturning
Phil Irons: Woodturning (2)