Well, that was a change! A big thank you to our "guest host" Pat Carroll for stepping in to host the Monday session whilst some of us were swanning off to host other sessions.

A full evening meeting yet again, and our first visitor from the United States...not sure what he made of the accents though !!

This turned into a very busy evening with a lot of contributions from those attending, we even let one of those southerners get a word in....whatever next!!

The Monday sessions seem to be habit forming with many and we are seeing lots of familiar faces, the overall feedback I'm getting seems positive so this seems set to continue for a good while yet.

Well I think it’s safe to say that we all had a good evening, once again we had some new faces along with the old familiar ones.

As a regular attendee of our Monday night woodturners session we are all familiar with Gary Lowe's woodturning, Gary has kindly sent over a series of photos showing how he tackles twice turned bowls.

Well, he's been at it yet again! Our regular woodturning and t-shirt recycling contributor Kevin McAlister has sent through more images of his latest creations...